We offer a variety of tourist activities with a high quality service

Conventional Tours with Andes Travel Expeditions

Conventional tours are packages that are ready and waiting for you to make the great decision to start a new adventure, these tours can be found from one-day packages, up to several days depending on the area you decide to go on your next adventure, such:

Cultural visits to museums, local markets, pre-Inca archaeological sites and thermal baths depending on the location.- This kind of tours will allow you to know places full of charm, and transport you to a distant past, where you can feel what our people felt. ancestors to be in these beautiful places, each group leader has the knowledge necessary to give you details of the situations that occurred in these wonderful places.

Tours and excursions in private vehicles between mountains and lagoons at the request of the client.- Some clients request to arrive at the required place for various reasons and we respect that decision, that is why we prepare these packages with the aim of providing a solution to the requests of our clients, we are always careful with the environment in these cases, because it is our main work tool and we must take care of it for how fragile it is.

Tours of your choice

Our clients have the opportunity to find the desired tour, keeping in mind the time they have, as we understand that time is the most precious and we seek to generate unique experiences in the short time you count.

You will have leaders in the tourist group with extensive experience during the trip, our itineraries are planned for the experience with children and take care of the health of your family, we also have professionals with high experience in first aid and survival strategies in situations not expected, recognition of the land and as well as you will also find tours that you can do arming your chosen destinations. We have packages open to a specific departure time, in addition to our main objective is to allow the maximum adventure experience in the days of development of the tour.

IN ANDES TRAVEL EXPEDITIONS we offer you the best vacations, in the best tourist places of Peru. We do tourism as you like, and we accompany you on the journey of our land, to provide protection, to share with you the best moments and the most unforgettable experiences, with your family, partner, loved ones or group of friends.

You want to visit alone, with your partner, family or group the city of Lima, Paracas, Arequipa, Colca, Puno, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu, Iquitos or the Nazca Lines.

Or maybe you want to visit the city of Trujillo, Cusco, Urubamba, the famous Lake Titicaca or another different and beautiful destination of Peru!

If so, do not hesitate to contact Andes Travel Expeditions and we are here to help you make your dream vacation in Peru a reality.

Andes Travel Expeditions is your preferred tour operator in Peru, with which you can realize your dream of visiting and touring our beautiful and diverse country.

We are your trusted operator agency, with which you can travel in a responsible and safe way, accessing different packages and tourist plans that are designed according to your individual or group needs and requirements.

To make this reality we rely on a team of professionals in tourism, well trained and fully committed to offer a satisfactory service that meets all your requirements.

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