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Andes Travel Expeditions Provide Solutions

At Andes Travel Expeditions, our commitment is to give you a high quality, human service, 100% reliable, friendly and courteous. That guarantees your safety at all times, so that you can enjoy the experience of our expeditions to the maximum.
Whether alone or in a group, the best options to get to know Peru with Andes Travel Expeditions are:
Tours in Huaraz

Tours and Cultural Excursions

Our tours are guided by professionals who have extensive knowledge about the history and culture of the communities that make up our Peru.
A tour is also the best way to know a city as enigmatic as ours. because, while we travel, we care to show you every important detail of our people and their cultural heritage.
At Andes Travel Expeditions, we have passes to all the tourist destinations and archeological sites of the country for your convenience.

Trekking & Walks

Trekking consists of extended walks on natural scenarios such as:

  • Prairies and fields
  • Seas, rivers, lakes or lagoons
  • Forests, mountains and deserts

The goal of trekking is to get closer to nature. Typically, the ultimate goal is an iconic scene of the place, such as the mouth of a river or the incredible view of a mountain.

Our Peru has hundreds of natural landscapes, full of different types of flora and fauna such as the guinea pig, deer, or condor, making it a perfect destination so you can connect with Mother Earth during your next vacation.

At Andes Travel Expeditions, we have trekking programs from beginner to advanced. In addition, you have the experience of our guides who have spent more than 20 years providing unforgettable vacations to thousands of people around the world.

Remember to contact us so we can give you more details about the different packages that we can create special for you. We are very flexible and you can choose the combination that best suits your budget and experience level.


Crossings are trips with an extra potential risk; this can be the climate, the fauna or the terrain of the place that you decide to travel. It’s like an adventure in the style of Hollywood movies,

but where you are the protagonist!

Whether hiking, trekking or climbing, with Andes Travel Expedition travel packages, you will be able to enjoy the pure adrenaline in every expedition, provoked by the beautiful natural challenges that Peru has to offer!

We take care of the dangers. All of our guides have the vast experience to eliminate the problems that a journey entails.

Usually, crossings are for people with more experience and looking to test their skills, but we have different packages selected for each level. Do not hesitate to call us for more details

Climbing – Mountaineering

Also known as “mountaineering”, Andinism was the way our ancestors explored new lands in search of food and better places to live.

At present, it is one of the most complete tourist practices in which you put all of your senses to the test.

It consists, in simple terms, in the ascent and descent of mountains with a minimum height of 4,000 meters at the level of the sea, with only your hands, feet, or any other part of your body. Including the set of techniques, knowledge and skills to carry out this task.

For us, in Andes Travel Expeditions, Andinismo is a way of life, our way of understanding life. It is from where we take our name, in which we take pride.

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