Responsible Tourism with Andes Travel Expeditions

Travel makes the world a better place

In Andes Travel Expeditions, the professionals have more than 20 years dedicated to this beautiful and fabulous trade; We develop skills that allow us to be active members of the “International Union of Mountain Guide Associations” known by its acronym in English IFMGA and in Spanish UIAGM.

For us it is a fundamental part of our tourism activities to make Responsible Tourism in Peru, we have many successful expeditions in these years and diverse people from all over the world who lived those unforgettable experiences directly, but we can also say that we also create a positive impact with our tourism activities indirectly.

You will understand that our greatest tool of work is nature in all its splendor and wild state and also how fragile it is in the face of man’s hand and development, and that is why in Andes Travel Expeditions we seek to generate experiences full of adventure, but At the same time we can give you a legacy of care towards our nature, among our guidelines we have a “Ethics Code” known as Mountain Code in some cases and in this, we seek to understand our way of working and how our customers are involved both individual and group in each of our tour packages, our partners as agents, leaders of tour groups, collaborators in each place we visit, among others.

Our Standards Ethics Code

Individual Responsibility

Each participant is free to choose the type of tourism to be carried out, including the activities that he / she wishes to do, provided that he / she does not risk his / her health and life in the choice of a package

Team spirit

Each of the activities to be carried out is always geared towards teamwork, from the moment of departure, until the end of the Tour, thus promoting reliability, we must get as close as possible to the itinerary in order to achieve the desired experience

The Community of Climbers, Trekkers and Tourists

If during our ascension, hike or visit to the place we go, we meet other tourists or groups of tourists, we owe the same kindness and respect, without hesitation we believe in the maximum: “Treat others, as we would like to be treated by us”.


We must attend no matter who is, such as a tourist friend, an assistant, a porter or another local inhabitant, we must do everything possible to give support as quickly as possible; However, we must clarify that at all times we have qualified personnel for the proper attention of emergencies.

Nature and Environment

 We practice our activities in an environmentally appropriate way, we put it in the phrase “leave nothing, only the footprints”, in our activities we will find fragile places that provide refuge to diverse species of flora and fauna, and often even in danger of extinction and that they need special treatment

Style and Excellence

Our maxim in this aspect is “Make an ascent, walk or visit is less important than how it is done” Sponsors and Public Relations- This relationship should always be based on mutual and total trust, should allow the tour operator to fully develop its potential and should increase the income of our sponsors and hosts in each tourist activity.

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