Sustainable tourism with Andes Travel Expeditions

The social responsibility in Andes Travel Expeditions is well recognized by the inhabitants of the localities we visit, we seek at all times to provide a better quality of life while at the same time they allow us to share wonderful experiences with each of the tourists who visit them. be it in a climb, hike or tourist circuit by bicycle or on foot.

We consider ourselves to be a responsible tour operator, because we understand that in every place we go we find very attentive people, we work with relatives of them on many occasions and we seek to provide a good treatment not only personal but economic, the population, families and collaborators from each place they are an essential ingredient for the success of each one of our tourist activities, definitely respect is the one that prevails in our relationship.

Andes Travel Expeditions is very fortunate to live, work and share experiences in such wonderful and diverse places as the Cordillera Blanca and the Cordillera Huayhuash, perform activities full of adventure with scenarios that will make you rediscover your essence. However, we are aware of the fragility of our environment, the customs of the people we visit and in this current world with a constant decrease in glaciers, the continuing shortage of water, deforestation and deformation in the delicate way of existing of the flora and fauna of the mountain ranges and places that we visit.

Tourism worldwide has grown, in our locality we are able to provide a decent job to many family members, from mountain guides to muleteers and their assistants who come from small towns at the foot of the mountains and those who come of the places we visit in each guide we make. We understand that being a sustainable tourism company is more than providing a job, we seek at all times to provide quality of life to our loyal staff and their communities, not only with a stable job but also, are our main ally in the process of preserving the environment in which he lives and works for his future generations.

As you will see, our Sustainable Tourism policy is also our main way of working with respect not only to the care of our staff and their families, but also with respect to the care of our biodiversity in the place where we are, or to which Let’s visit so we are constantly contemplating new ideas and policies together with our staff and local communities. To make a change we understand that it is not fast, we constantly find a resistance to this change of habits that are rooted by generations, we are sure that little by little we will see a positive influence.

Andes Travel Expeditions, is considered one of the few tourism agencies in our town that has made joint efforts to put into practice an appropriate policy of sustainable tourism, getting a better response from our employees, not only in its improvement with respect to their quality of life, but also in tangible results of an adequate use of our landscape diversity, maintaining and improving the natural environment through which we have mobilized, we have an idea that is a program of social support to the communities where we operate, returning some benefit for the experiences lived, this one in the process of being implemented.

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