Acclimatizations Trips in Huaraz Cordillera Blanca Daily Hikes

Take a step on the wild side and experience a day walk on one of our many adventure touring trips. Though these aren’t compulsory, they are a fantastic way to get out and explore a region, town or city. Our day walks are guided and take in some of the local highlights, without too much exertion.

Perfect for those who want a little time to explore and to get active, our day walks range from 1-6 hours, and can include a city tour, exploration of ancient ruins, a more demanding day hike into a mountainous area.


Some Amazing Day Programs

Day hike to Lake Churup

Day hike to Lake 69

Day hike to lake Wilcacocha

Day hike to Llaca Valley

Paron Lake Full-Day Hiking

Day hike to Lake Urus cocha

Day hike to Lake Ahuac

Day hike to Lake Rajucolta

Day hike to Lake Radian

Day hike to Lake Auquiscocha

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